Tauranga's Aqua Grit Blasting is the perfect solution for antifoul, graffiti & road marking removal.

The safest & most efficient tool for maintaining, restoring & cleaning your marine vessel.

Aqua Grit Blasting can also be used to clean up automotive parts and production line machinery of corrosion and ingrain waste.

Antifoul Removal

Our Aqua Grit Blasting is the perfect solution to removing your 15 to 20 year old antifoul off your vessel, plus it's a process that is environmentally friendly.

Machinery/Other Cleaning

Need to clean up automotive parts, production line machinery or remove graffiti or road markings? Aqua Grit Blasting could be the ideal solution.

Antifoul removal using Aqua Grit Vapour Blasting

Antifoul Removal

Using our Ecoquip Vapour Blaster

Working on any substrate the Ecoquip Vapor Blaster profiles your vessel for the best coating adhesion. It is safe to use on fibreglass, wooden, aluminium and steel boats. Using a rust inhibitor on steel surfaces if required, this provides a 24 hour window for re-coating.
Most vessels will need to be stripped of antifoul and taken back to a sound substrate every 15 to 20 years, depending on the paint system you have been applying.

The vapour blasting to remove old antifoul from a vessels hull is the ideal environmental solution as it eliminates up to 92% of airborne dust. Using our mobile tenting system we can confidently contain & dispose of all waste from the job.

Aqua Grit Blasting Ltd is conveniently mobile and can come to you.

blasting off old antifoul using Aqua Grit

Aqua Grit Blasting

Aqua Grit in action, blasting off old antifoul from the hull of a vessel.

Aqua Grit Blasting jom almost done

Aqua Blasting Job almost done

The clean and efficient way to remove old antifoul.

After blasting, this vessel was recoated using the Hempel paint system.

Aqua Grit Blasting Tenting System

Our Tenting System

Our "Tenting System" helps to contain the spread of contaminants  and cuts down the noise.

Clean automotive parts & machinery

Machinery Parts, Graffiti & Road Marking Cleaning

Our Ecoquip Vapour Blaster Solution

The EcoQuip©EQ300S we use is perfect for blasting & cleaning up automotive parts and production line machinery parts along with removing incorrect road markings and unwanted graffiti.

The Aqua Grit Blaster has an adjustable range of blasting pressure for the finer detail work through to the heavy industrial steel blasting. It is also perfect for exposing welds for inspection work.

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